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Mass Son-in-law

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Hello, I'll introduce myseld,

Born in 1982, human resources manager by training and of African origin, I found myself confronted with gifts of clairvoyance and mediumship, from the age of five: . It will take me a long time to accept his so-called paranormal abilities.

As a kid, I didn't think it was special. “I thought everyone could see the dead. I thought it was normal, actually. But growing up, I realized that it was difficult, different. I ended up getting used to it. »
I developed my own work ethic. “I have to be careful in who I am to people, because you can't always say everything. I have a filter. I always try to share what I receive, in the most delicate way possible. I try not to withhold any information. “Once the message is delivered, I forget everything. “I am a channel. I am like a radio transmitter. I try not to soak up other people's stories. Some affect me more, but not in a way that bothers me. »

Having access to the afterlife is a blessing for me. “I can be useful. If you have this gift, you are decisive. You can decide to serve yourself or not. It's not something that drained all my energy. »

Transmit as not be as be in using different supports such as shells and the pendulum. Seashells, a very old clairvoyance medium that has always been used to make predictions and announce the future. Many civilizations have used seashells to see their future and make predictions. This support of clairvoyance was given to me by my guides who have always been a support and a light for me and who allowed me to respond quickly and clearly.
It is an ancestral practice but until today, it is a way of prediction which remains effective for me. As part of clairvoyance, the shells had given me incredible details about the people who consult me.
As effective as the tarot and the oracles, the shells are for me used as a basic support for extremely detailed predictions. Each shell gives me a shape, its designs and position, very precise details and very simple information that can allow me to predict reliable information.

You are confronted with a delicate problem and you no longer know how to solve it? My gift of seer and medium helps you to move in the right direction, to master events and to find lost serenity.

I provide you with personalized divine help to solve your problems using practices inherited from my ancestors.

I open the doors of truth to you.

contact me by phone at +41 (0) 79 892 63 34, or leave me a message. So that the answers are very quickly, so that we can agree on a moment of exchange, in all discretion and in all peace of mind.

The cabinet of clairvoyance La Porte Des Secrets offers you this opportunity to make visits by telephone or by appointment for all your consultations call + 41. (0) 79.892.63.34 .

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