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From the East to the West, from the Arctic to the Antarctic, from prehistory to the present day, men have always been fascinated by stones and their powers. It is a heritage found in all major religions – Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, etc. – and which is still present in all cultures. Today, stones are widely used for the creation of magnificent jewelry and if by chance their energies help us to evolve spiritually, mentally and physically, why not take advantage of them!


Agate is one of the oldest stones. Known to be a stone of strength, grounding and luck, it also brings emotional, physical and intellectual balance. Agate stabilizes the aura, harmonizes yin and yang and wards off negative energy.


Fire Agate stimulates vitality and provides a calming energy that brings security and a stronger sense of grounding.


Amazonite balances masculine and feminine emotions and energies. It promotes physical endurance, kindness, practicality and inspires creativity and self-expression. Amazonite is often used to take control of one's ways and connect with one's inner strength.


Amethyst is a naturally calming stone that encourages inner strength. It brings clarity of mind, protection and spirituality. Known to repel negative energy and attract positive, Amethyst also enhances the immune system and brings emotional stability.


A stone linked to the sea, Aquamarine helps to better manage the current of life by providing clarity of mind, courage and good energy in the face of the positive change that we want to bring to our life. It would be a fabulous stone for those who practice a sport related to water. It soothes the conscience, balances the emotions and brings a lot of happiness.


Aventurine encourages to move forward, to make decisions. It stabilizes the state of mind, allows to have clear ideas, to make plans and to increase creativity. On the physical level, the aventurine stimulates, allows to better control the emotional body.


Bronzite is a stone known for its soothing and restful properties. It is also associated with improving self-confidence and encouraging taking control over our actions and our lives. It brings inner peace, eliminates stress and allows us to access change in a harmonious way.


Chrysocolla is a peaceful stone that soothes and calms our state of mind during stressful times in life. It helps to face challenges and any change by providing inner stability.


Citrine is a sunstone and is part of the large quartz family. It is known to be a stone of luck, optimism and strong energy. It would stimulate desire, creativity and the taste for surpassing oneself. Facilitating perseverance in difficult times, it would be the stone of opulence or abundance and would therefore bring inner but also material wealth.


Sacred stone among Tibetans, coral is known to bring stability, to open up to love and devotion. It brings renewed energy, joy of living and also promotes meditation. It helps to relax and to be more supple and flexible in everyday life.


Fossil Stone helps increase communication, motivation and getting into action. It inspires creativity, helps to stay centered and brings openness to change and new possibilities.


This stone, accidentally made by men during the European Renaissance, is composed of quartz, sand, glass and copper particles. Stone of ambition, it increases energy, provides a feeling of confidence, calls for a positive attitude and great vitality.

The red stone is associated with vitality and energy, and the night stone (blue) is associated with knowledge and communication.


Hematite brings protection, calm and helps to feel balanced and centered. It stimulates the will, the force, the courage in oneself and develops the intuition.


Considered a very relaxing stone, Howlite is often used to get rid of all stress. It can be an excellent antidote for insomnia when the state of mind becomes too active. It helps to stay balanced, increases autonomy, self-knowledge and encourages vigilance.


Considered a stone of luck, the Jade stone helps to put forward your dreams and achieve your goals . It brings courage, generosity, longevity and helps to achieve a life enriched with fulfillment. It balances the emotions, provides energy and endurance.


Jasper is known to be one of the oldest stones. There are several types of jasper with different virtues, but the majority bring balance to our daily life and help to put our decisions into perspective. It brings a vibrant energy to the mood and makes us appreciate the joys of life more. It is known to amplify physical energy and increase endurance in athletes.


A stone of power, labradorite has several virtues, including those of strengthening one's intuitions and understanding the meaning of one's dreams and goals to bring them to fruition. It is endowed with a great regenerative force.


Brings self-confidence, open-mindedness & inner peace. It helps to express feelings and emotions and solidifies love & friendship relationships.


A stone of transformation, malachite is inspiring, purifying and heart-opening. It strengthens stability in romantic relationships and is known to bring protection to children. Reflecting our vibration, it is best worn when our vitality is strong.


Obsidian absorbs pain and relieves muscle spasms. It has a fortifying action on the bones. It provides warmth and life force. It also soothes pain, helps us to understand and accept situations of suffering. It promotes emotional unblocking.


Tiger's Eye balances the body at all levels, encourages optimism and confidence in the future. It is also known to bring clarity of mind, integrity, luck and protection. It helps maintain focus, increases stamina, confidence and power.


Stone of resistance and perseverance, it helps to focus, brings willpower, confidence and discipline. It also increases self-control, objectivity, inner strength and helps in making good decisions. She is also known to balance the opposition between man and woman.


The term Opal is adapted from the Latin word opalus , but originally came from the Sanskrit word upala, which means "precious stone". In Greece it was also called opalios meaning "to see the change". This stone of change inspires achievement, success, dynamism and creativity. It is also known to bring tranquility and balance yin & yang as well as to improve self-esteem and self-confidence.

MOONSTONE (Moonstone)

Moonstone is known to bring good fortune to the wearer, provide physical protection as well as enhance intuition and inspiration. Vibrating with the energy of the moon and directly associated with the feminine side (yin), it reflects a calming energy of peace and tranquility. A stone of strength and inner growth, it balances the emotions.

SUNSTONE (Sunstone)

The sunstone brings a very positive energy and a beautiful vitality. It clarifies the thoughts, brings a joy of living and restores self-confidence. A stone of light and positive energy, it drives out negative energies.


From volcanic flows, the lava stone contains the energy of the purifying fire. It helps to separate from the past and start afresh. Stone of reconstruction, it acts on the problems of the unconscious. It helps to become more joyful and spontaneous.


There pyrite knows its name from the Greek word "pyr" , meaning fire. Allowing to stimulate the intellectual capacities, it is ideal to preserve an excellent and memory and would help to develop its capacities of resistance to fatigue. Pyrite would also help to go through life with a spirit of creativity, initiative and to apply these qualities in one's daily life and work.


This stone spreads a pure and powerful energy. Useful for resolving multiple daily concerns, it brings positive energy, clarity of mind and rids its wearer of negative energies. It maintains the balance between body and mind.


Recognized as a stone of love, it helps to intensify self-love and to take care of yourself. It is known to be beneficial for the circular system and helps soothe anxiety. It is a stone of great happiness that balances yin yang energy.


Rhodonite , the stone of endurance, courage and self-confidence. It would be a balancing, relaxing, protective and restorative stone.


Known to bring strength, vitality and endurance, Sodalite is a wonderful stone for athletes. It harmonizes the general state of mind, brings confidence, helps to increase self-esteem and would be a good ally to help with weight loss.


Tourmaline is known to improve understanding towards life's obstacles and increase self-confidence. It helps with concentration and communication as well as neutralizing negative energies. Tourmalines are very helpful in relaxing the body and treating anxiety.

Watermelon Tourmaline:

It has many powerful properties such as attracting love, inspiring creativity and is said to be an excellent stress reliever. This stone is also recognized as a protective stone that increases empathy, sympathy, compassion and self-confidence. It brings balance to feminine and masculine energy and thus brings harmony to the chakras.


The turquoise stone strengthens the body, stimulates the absorption of nutrients and promotes circulation. It increases personal growth and decreases stress by bringing control over our state of mind. Stone of power, it attracts luck, success, ambition and creation.


The name of this semi-precious stone comes from the Greek name ''epidosis'', signifying its unifying power. Made of epidote and orthoclase, it is recognized as a very calming stone. Unakite helps to maintain a spiritual and physical balance, provides energy and will to start off on the right foot. It brings great confidence, strengthens courage and helps transform negative energy into positive energy.

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